Frequently Asked Questions

What information is After the Mouse looking for?

It’s possibly easier to say what we’re not looking for – We don’t want;

  • Backstage secrets
  • Backstage gossip
  • Backstage spoilers

Now the longer explanation.
We’re looking to clear up some of those weird stories, the bad information and the downright nonsense that’s out there on the web about the Disney Parks, Resorts and Disney Stores. 
As a community, we’re looking to put the best, most useful Guest information out there. And we’re trying to source the best information from those in the know – the Cast members.

How will I know if my content contributions have been used?

We'll try and drop you an email when we make any changes you suggest - but in case we forget, we'll list them here... and you'll be credited on the page itself.

Why can't I find my attraction/store/parade... on the site?

Short answer is, we are sadly neither omnificent nor omnipotent, let alone all-knowing...

The better answer is that this is a work in progress. There are links at the bottom of each page to add missing locations. PLEASE fill in the form and let us know what we need to add in the next revision.

Is this a commercial enterprise?

No. What advertising revenue this site may generate is returned to the running of the site. The web hosting, the programming costs, etc are all covered by this revenue.

Is this website for Cast Members only?

No, there is an information function to the site, listing and detailing Disney locations; Stores, Attractions, Restaurants etc. These listings are open to the world to read. 

And yes... There is also a community element to the site. That is intended for Cast Members only and we would ask fans and non Cast Members to respect that area of the site.

Are you associated with Disney in any way?

Simple answer - no!

Long answer - this is a community created and run primarily by former and current Disney employees. There may still be proffesional ties to individuals and the Walt Disney Company but these links do not extend to the After the Mouse website.

Thank You!

Submitted by Mr Mouse on Fri, 11/11/2022 - 13:09

Thank You!

I asked for help and you delivered. A week ago I asked the Disney Store Cast Members to help out with information on their stores and replies have been rolling in – to everyone who’s helped out, THANK YOU!!

Don’t stop… but thank you!

I’ve spent my time this week adding features and ironing out bugs. If you spot anything please drop me a line. At the moment I am working on this alone and can’t always see what may need fixing. If you could be a second pair of eyes?

Well, here goes...

Submitted by Mr Mouse on Sun, 11/06/2022 - 16:37

After the Mouse is back! – we were way for quite a while, and we’re a little different this time.

After the Mouse was originally built as an online community for Disney Cast Members. Then Facebook came and, well that was that. It’s fatal flaw was the glue that held the Cast Members together was missing. We had thousands of people engaged in the project, but the essential glue holding us together was missing. so this time that’s where we’re starting.