Store 617, Montebello, Montebello Town Center

Image of the 'Montebello Town Center ' store by Inside the Magic
Montebello Town Center , Montebello, California, U.S.A.
Store Number: 617, Status: Closed (1995 - 2021)
The store is believed to have been of the following type(s): Pipe Rail

To Cast Members, a Disney Store is a special place. A familiar home from home. One in hundreds of spaces where we know the special welcome we’ll find.

To customers, our Guests, it’s a place where they can find those special items guaranteed to bring a little magic to their day.

To history though, they are not as well remembered.

That is why we’re working with long-time Disney Cast Member Larry Schutt to record as much detail as we can. To write the story of those magical retail spaces and the people who helped make the magic happen.

This page is a bare shell. It contains the things we think we know. Bare details, dates, addresses, store types. Despite Larry’s years of work, the details can be elusive. If you worked in the store, please share your knowledge and help us fill in the blanks… The form is at the bottom of the page!

Thank you – and have a Disney Day!

Store 617, Montebello, Montebello Town Center