Golf Disneyland, Costuming

Image representing 'Costuming' by Cristina Carvalho
Disneyland Resort Paris, Golf Course, Golf Disneyland, Back Stage
Support, Status: Open (1992 - ?)

When guests think of costuming cast members, they likely think of this department more-so in terms of entertainment costuming, or they may not think about costuming cast members at all since they are not typically able to be seen from onstage. Costuming does cover entertainment, as in the cast members who work on the costumes associated with various shows, parades, and dance parties, however costuming also extends to the costumes that all of the cast members you see in the parks wear. This means that a costuming cast member's role may include handling laundry backstage, and only interacting with other cast members rather than guests while they check their costumes in and out.

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