Magic Kingdom, Visionarium

Image representing 'Visionarium' by Jerry Clack
Disneyland Resort Paris, Theme Park, Magic Kingdom, Discoveryland
Attraction, Status: Closed (1992 - 2004)

Le Visionarium, based around the Circle-Vision 360 system, is considered by some to be one of the better themed attractions in the whole of the park.
This is one of the few attractions that have been created especially for Disneyland Paris, instead of imported from one of the other Disney theme parks, with the film shown being packed with specific European invluences, and references to various famous European inventors.
Within the attraction the host "Timekeeper", assisted by the robotic "9-Eye", (remember that Circle-Vision-360 attractions use a 9-camera system) take guests on a Circle-Vision tour through time, pausing only to collect Jules Verne on the way.
The film features Michel Piccoli as Jules Verne, and guest stars Gerard Depardieu as an airport baggage handler, Franco Nero as Leonardo da Vinci, Jean Rochefort as Louis XV and Jeremy Irons as H.G. Wells.
The narrative for the show is in French, but English, German, and Italian translated soundtracks are provided via headsets.
Note that the show lasts for around half an hour, and there are no seats in the auditorium so it can be a long session

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