The Disney Family Museum - A Cast member Review

When ever heading to San Francisco visitors usually have to pick and choose where they want to go based off what excites them. Well now there is another option to choose from or, for anyone that is a Disney fan, a must visit. The Walt Disney Family Museum is found in The Presidio of San Francisco and looks over the bay, including the Golden Gate Bridge. From the outside, the building itself feels like something that could be found on Main Street U.S.A. Once you enter the building, the world you're in seems to transform into something only Walt himself could have possibly imagined

As you first enter the building, the design is quite simplistic. The walls are mainly white. The front desk and ceiling high glass cases which hold many awards, including the Oscars from Snow White, and recognitions that Walt had received through out his life are found to the right. To the left, you can find the gift shop and a small café. Looking at the rave reviews found online, this was not what I expected. However, once you enter the actual exhibit, you are immediately immersed in the life of Walt Disney. It is nearly impossible to accurately describe what the experience is like. The first room alone has something like four or five videos completely with sound clips of Walt Disney himself explaining his life, on the other side of the room is an American Red Cross ambulance that was used around the same time Walt was driving them around when he joined their ranks.

In true Disney fashion, even the elevator ride up to the second story was used as part of the story telling process. It was decorated as if you were on the train with Walt as he came west and originally conceived Mickey Mouse, again a sound clip of Walt was used to tell the story. Once on the second story, you enter one of many rooms that goes through the developments and animation that were created during Walt's time with his studio. Throughout, there are many phones you can pick up to hear about displays that are immediately in front of you and even a few hands on activities scattered through out.

The highlight of the entire of exhibit, of course, is the Disneyland room. From the start of the exhibit, I was geeking out with everything. Then I reach the Disneyland room, I did not think I'd be able to possibly geek out any more, but geeking out was a total understatement when you enter that room. All that can really be said any Disney fan must experience this exhibit first hand as no description will fully capture how well the exhibit was put together. The cost of the visit is $20 for adults and $12 for kids, there is also a discount for seniors and students. The admission cost is worth every penny. If you wish to look at every piece of the exhibit, it is highly recommended to give yourself a whole day to walk through it, but can be casually gone through in about half a day.