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First Article - Opening Crew '92 - published.

A little while ago I published an update called the Definitive Article where I asked you to contribute your knowledge and experience to the community. To get the ball rolling I have today posted my memories from my time as Opening Crew of EuroDisney in the spring of 1992. as I say I am not a journalist or any real type of a writer so bear with me, and maybe leave a comment?

The Definitive Article

Dear all, I need your help! In fact I think the net in general might benefit from your expertise.

After the Mouse is getting better Google rankings every day, more search terms typed into Google are pointing back to our community site and the information from Cast Members is getting out there. BUT I want to do more, do better...

A while ago a floated an idea in the forums about building a Wiki (thing a Disney Cast Member Wikipedia) but I am beginning to think that's a little ambitious for the moment but I would love to publish your knowledge online.

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New Disneyland Shanghai Coming?

Better news on the way for Disney Jobs? - At Glendale (Imagineering) at least.

Reuters News has released the following press information this morning

SHANGHAI, Jan 8 (Reuters) - Walt Disney Co has completed talks with the Shanghai government on plans to build a Disneyland theme park in the city and the project will be announced soon, the official Shanghai Securities News reported on Thursday, citing people close to the talks. Full Story

End of year round up

I feel I owe it to the community to let you know what is going on Back Stage so to speak. The free Cast Member community - serving past and present Disney employees just keeps getting bigger and better!

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Seasons Greetings!

Wishing you all the happiest of Christmas' and hoping the New Year brings you everything you could hope or wish for.

From the team at After the Mouse.com we would like to thank you for your continued support of the community. For your generosity of spirit and for your friendship.

Disney, The Urban Myths - True or false?

I have never heard of a company to rival the Walt Disney Companies' position in urban mythology. Legends of cryogenics, phallic castles, Eisner's telephone number abound on the internet and in 'common knowledge'. In this article I'd like to look at a few of the more popular myths.

I am not enough of a historian nor Disney expert to give any categorical answer to any of these urban legends, and as such I cannot support, sustain, or give any credence to any of these ideas.