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Hire The Best, Hire an Ex Disney Cast Member!

Updated - April 7, 2009

We are or were Disney Cast Members, the best in the business, world famous for creativity, service and commitment to quality!

BUT the economy is slowing down, the Mouse can't afford to keep us all on and some of us are looking for work, this is good news for the employers out there who need the skills that fully trained Disney Professionals can bring to their businesses!

A Busy Couple of Weeks

It has been a busy couple of weeks since I posted an update on the site so I thought I'd tell you what is happening.

The site is still attracting a lot of attention, the articles we have started to post are getting a lot of traffic - if you'd like to contribute a submission let me know.

Support A Fellow Cast Member Programme.

I think on days like today when our pocket books spend a little more time in our pockets and purses than in our hands we should do what came naturally to us before - look to our fellow Cast Members for help.

So I am launching a new service. I am offering After the Mouse members the opportunity to publicize their business on this website for FREE!*

Cast Member Stories

A while ago I invited you to publish your Disney Stories here on the site, your Pixie Dust moments and your fondest memories. I have had a couple of people writing to me so far and we are working together to bring their stories to you. To get the ball rolling I have contributed a few posts of my own to seed the ground and give you an idea or two. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to contribute an article yourself.

Important Update - Please Read

email Notifications of private Messages

I have just updated an important feature to the site. Please think seriously about updating your account settings.

About three months ago the mail notification function of the Private message system became unstable and was removed. I am pleased to report that the issues have now been resolved and the mail function is once again operational.

Second article published.

I think anyone who read the first article I published on my early days at Disneyland Paris will agree I am no journalist. But I am productive! So I have published my second article A life After the Mouse which, if I am honest is a bit more of a rant than a piece of creative writing.

Aside plugging my work, such as it is, this is also an appeal for more input from you the reader...

Disneyland Ticketing closed due to 'suspicious powder'

You expect to find a little magic dust at Disneyland, but not this kind.
From The Associated Press: via the Orlando Sentinal

“Ticket booths at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif., were temporarily closed Sunday morning after authorities became alarmed over a suspicious powder stuck to the windows of several booths.