3 1/2 Of the best 'Disney' Films that Disney never made. But really should have.

It the world of classic movies Disney have a niche it is half a mile wide filled with talking animals, slick animation, great songs and a whole heap of happy memories. There are a few however that over the years I and many others just assumed were Disney films but are not.

Volunteer roles open for the Cast Member Community

As the Disney Cast Member community grows I, as the writer, builder, developer and all round one man band of After the find that I could do with a little help from time to time. I have two rolls that I think you can help me with at the moment and I hope you'd like to help out. The first is for Content creators, the second is for a web developer.

An Old Cast Member Friend Makes It Big In Hollywood

A while ago I put together a list of famous people who had worked for Disney in their younger, pre-fame days. The page has received a lot of attention and many, many hits. Every once in a while I find a new name to add to the roll of honour, but imagine my surprise when I found a friend of mine from the Opening Crew of EuroDisney is now a big noise in Hollywood.

Saddened by Disney Management.

Last week I poster a tread online talking about the recent layoffs in Anaheim and Orlando. I was looking to write what I hoped could be an upbeat post about how former Disney Cast Members were well equipped to face the world looking for new jobs. On the whole the people I have spoken to are optimistic but there is a dark undercurrent running, and it is one I find hard to stomach.

Hundreds of Disney Cast Members laid off - But...

We at After the are doing what we can to help them out.

Many of our friends have been laid of this year and I as an ex Cast Member am determined to do what I can to help. So, as well as providing this little community to get us all talking, I am opening up the “Hire a Cast Member page” where embers of the community who are out looking to continue their careers have a place to say to potential employers out there I am a Disney professional and I can help your business!