making it pay... a little

This site has been set up to be revenue neutral i.e. I am not in this to become a dot com millionaire... honest! i am doing this for the our Cast Member Community. Though having said that I do need to get a few dollars, yen, euros, pounds or in fact any money coming in.

I need to pay for the site, the database, bandwidth, hosting etc all cost money.

News and Rumors - Feed Added!

Since I started the first version of this site a revolution has taken place... the RSS feed has been born! To make use of the Really Simple Syndication (that's what it stands for...) feed I added the News and Rumors page to keep you all up to date with, well Disney News and Rumors! In fact if you click on the little orange icon at the foot of this page an RSS feed can be added to your web browser to keep you up to date with what's happening on the site! Enjoy!

FAQ's Updated.

I have updated the FAQ page, and added comments so that you can add your own questions to the list. I'll do my best to answer them and add them to the page.

Already on the page are answers to the questions about who runs the site, is it connected to Disney, the usual Cast Member stuff!

A brief history of After the

After the started out in around 2000 as a site dedicated uniquely to Disneyland Paris Cast Members. That was where I was working at the time and that was what I knew. The idea came from a friend Daniel who asked a question, 'Remember Helen, What became of her?' Well since then I have been trying to find a way of answering that question, and millions of others just like it.

Update on the After the Mouse site.

I think the site is just about ready for a soft opening. There are going to be a few little bumps along the way but I am starting to feel confident that this is now the right solution to the After the Mouse communities needs. So far with a little help from a few friends and fellow web designers the project has grown far quicker than I'd expected it to do in such a relatively short space of time. Moving from the old, hand coded site to the new modular framework on which this version of the sight is built has made things so much easier. Though there are bugs to work out.