Jamming the Spamming

Since the new look site was launched a little over two months ago I am pleased to say that the vast majority of the feedback has been very complimentary - with one exception - Spammers!

I recently had an email from a fellow Cast Member to report a fake member who was spamming their inbox. Needless to say that fake member has been barred and the account deleted.

20 years of EuroDisney anyone for a road trip?

Messieurs Dames, Ladies and Gentlemen - it is almost 20 years since some of the members of this community first met in a sleepy corner of Marne-la-Vallee France. Would any of you care to meet up again on April 12th (2002 Doh!) 2012? Let me know - please comment below!

For those of you on Facebook there is a group set up.

Accident on BTM in Paris

From The Disney Blog.

Around 2:50 pm today, pieces of decorative faux rock at Disneyland Paris' Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster attraction fell and struck guests riding the attraction. Five guests were hurt. Four were treated at the park, however one 'serious' head injury was taken to the hospital. Our best wishes are with him and his family while he recovers.

Kind Words

The new look site is attracting great feedback, and I thank you all for your kind words.

There is a little editing for me to do, a few tweaks to make to the servers to get all the new features I want to add running, but as always I'll keep you informed.

Times are changing.

Since I started this site eight years ago - in its guise many things have changed, I no longer work for the mouse, I got married, I am the father of two wonderful children and to top it all off I am now a full time stay at home dad.

Which means I have a little more time to myself - and a lot more time to work on this site.