It has been a while

It has been some time since I wrote for After the Mouse – I got busy, life.

Tonight though I got an email from an old friend who has just brought their time with the mouse to an end and is starting their journey post Disney and it incentivised me to write once more.

Sad news for EuroDisney Opening Crew.

Irishman Tom Walsh, 43, the manager of the popular Mainstreet Grill in the small city of DeLand, Florida was shot during a suspected robbery on Saturday night.

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Just Days before the EuroDisney Cast Member reunion for the resorts 20th anniversary we all had some really sad news - one of our number Tom Walsh had been murdered in Florida.

Suggested Agenda for April 12th - Cast Member Reunion.

Suggested Agenda for April 12th - Cast Member Reunion.

Knowing that Everyone has their own agenda, you'll all be arriving from different places, arriving at different times I suggest the following time table. I think we'll have a few rendezvous throughout the day where you can meet up with the group as you arrive and two main meetings, one at the beginning and end of the day...

10.00 - RDV - Outside the Wild West Show / Gaumont Cinema in the Disney Village (Festival Disney)

12.00 - RDV - The Band Stand, opposite City Hall. (Magic Kingdom)

Change in registration.

Sadly, as of today I am having to start manualy authorising members to the site - it is due to the large amount of un-Disney spamming that has been going on this last month.

I apologise for any problems this may cause, though I am sure you'll understand my position.

Many thanks.

Cast Members with Beards - its official

"After nearly 60 years, Mickey Mouse has decided to let his workers put their razors away.

The Walt Disney Co. announced Monday that it would let employees at its two U.S. theme-park resorts — including its more than 60,000 workers at Walt Disney World — grow beards or goatees.

The new policy, which takes effect Feb. 3, eliminates a facial-hair ban that has for decades been a source of grumbling among some of the company's male theme-park workers."

The Disney Family Museum - A Cast member Review

When ever heading to San Francisco visitors usually have to pick and choose where they want to go based off what excites them. Well now there is another option to choose from or, for anyone that is a Disney fan, a must visit. The Walt Disney Family Museum is found in The Presidio of San Francisco and looks over the bay, including the Golden Gate Bridge. From the outside, the building itself feels like something that could be found on Main Street U.S.A. Once you enter the building, the world you're in seems to transform into something only Walt himself could have possibly imagined