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Electrical water pageant damaged?

13 hours 16 sec ago
Just wondering if anything official had been posted...second half of show was a no show both Thurs and last night.
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Post Irma Trip Report Day 3 (The LONG day)

Mon, 2017-09-18 21:13
So...Friday we happened to wake up at 6am, this is pretty normal for us and we couldn't go back to sleep so we went ahead and got up, walked around outside the resort at sunrise, I had a muffin (and some bacon)-thank you snack credit-and we just took our time. We were headed to rope drop at AK and after last night's bus times I decided to drive (good call). We arrived about 30 mins before rope drop and headed to Pandora-with everyone else. The rope drop in that area was very congested and at 8:45 they actually went ahead and opened the area (FoP and Navi ride) for safety purposes. Apparently they have had some fire marshal feedback on this problem. Since we had a later FP for FoP we just went towards the Navi River ride (as everyone else went the other way.). We walked on. It was kind of boring? I mean I haven't seen the movie but it just really didn't do much for us. We could have gone back again with no wait and decided not to. Pandora as an area is pretty neat, the waterfalls etc. But as it is in all of AK it was VERY hot there and I can't imagine waiting 2 hours in that heat to ride. But back to our morning.

We walked towards Harambe and actually beat normal rope drop-lol. So at rope drop #2 we headed to the safari and walked on. A few more animals out than last night but still quite a mess to clean up over there. We had 9:15 FP for FoP so we headed back that way. I was pretty nervous as I have major issues with Star Tours (and usually am ok on Soarin.). A couple of notes for folks in general, the "pre show" process is quite long, allow enough time even with a FP. Also I'm a size 16/18 and had no issues with fit. Finally the glasses they gave us kept falling off. But...

The ride was insane, really neat we thought. Hubby isn't easily impressed and he was screaming out loud at it. I felt a little woozy after and probably couldn't ride it twice in a row but I can't wait to do it again. The wait was about 2 hours the rest of our trip so didn't get to but we loved it!

After all that we headed to FL for Dinosaur, had a 30 mins break for a work conf call and problem (we had a hard time finding anywhere quite and stood in the sun this whole time-mistake.). After dinosaur we headed to FP at Everest and then It's Tough to Be a Bug (oddly one of hubby's very favorites.). It was 11:15 but we decided to go ahead and have lunch in AK since we really needed some AC and we had been up so long. Burgers at Restrauntosaurus hit the spot (they were fair) and we headed back out to the truck.

By the time we got out there we were super super hot, but the lines at the Studios were super short and we had a vehicle so we drove over there and hit up just RnRC, ToT and Toy Story (walked on them all, we were getting so spoiled.). After that we were REALLY dead. So hot. We drove back to WL and spent a little time in the room just laying on the bed and trying to lower our temps. Finally we changed into our suits and headed back to the new pool with our cooler and some cocktails and managed to snag a cabana again (this was the last time for this as people were checking in like crazy.)

After about 90 mins of relaxing we headed back to the room to shower and change again, I tossed on a LLR Carly dress (for those that know, it's kind of like wearing a cute nightgown dress :) ) So we wanted to go to Epcot but after the bus problems so far we decided to go boat to Contemp and monorail to TTC and then Epcot, we do this a lot. Well we got to the dock and noticed there was a sign that the boat wasn't going to FW (which we already knew) but the boat was supposedly still running. Well 35 mins later one shows up-they were only running one boat total. So then we were a bit rushed getting to Epcot as we had an ADR at France. We got to the front gates of Epcot in the monorail at 7:30 for an 8pm ADR. So by the time we got to France we were hot and sweaty (again). We were on time though and waited about 15 mins to be seated. Dinner was ok. Hubby steak was like a hockey puck (even though we both ordered MR) so we sent his back, second one was better but we were kind of over it by then.

But...we had FP for Illuminations seating and I knew this would be our only chance to see it this trip (and no return trip planned for over a year) so when hubby asked if we really had to stay to see it I said yes. Well we walked back toward the front and into the FP area an sat down on the ground. I actually laid down about 9:45, in my dress, on the concrete, and fell totally asleep. Out cold. Hubby had to wake me for Illuminations. A new low level for Disney tiredness.

We slowly truged to the bus stop after and just missed one-of course right? We waited about 30 mins for another and thankfully went right to the WL. We honestly don't even remember going to bed but we didn't wake up til the alarm went off at 7 this next morning. We got a LOT done but maybe just overdid it a bit!!
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Post Irma Trip Report Day 2(B)

Mon, 2017-09-18 20:34
No longer live as I had some connection issues down there (wasn't sure if it was me, Disney or the cot.).

Last we left our travelers we were chilling at the pool at WL. We had some cocktails and showered and headed to AK via bus (it took a long time for the bus-it would be common theme) and it also stopped at Contemp. So we didn't get to do quite as much at AK. Pandora was packed and it was still light out so we decided to save that for later. We rode the Safari and I was shocked at the damage throughout. Many trees down, standing water where there should not have been, etc. Gators, Elephants and Rhinos were all being kept off exhibit as were the painted dogs-all had damaged enclosures.

As we walked off it started to sprinkle. We headed to use the restroom in Harambe and walked out to a full out downpour. We had dinner reservations at Yak and Yeti in about 20 mins so we threw on our ponchos (and I took off my nicer shoes as I was dressed up a bit for the night) and we scooted over there. There was a large number people in the lobby but I think most were just avoiding the heavy rain. We were seated right away with our ADR at a nice table for two by the window. We had a great server, Tim. (It was our first time eating there.). We were able to swap one dessert for a very large (enough to split) side salad with Asian dressing and then I ordered the duck (just ok, a little dry) and hubby ordered the Ribeye (subbing fries for mashed potatoes.). His steak was AMAZING! He eats a lot of steak and this was one of the best he has had (and me too since my duck was just meh.). There was plenty for us both and then we ordered one order of the wontons for dessert to split, also tasty and we aren't usually dessert people.

We had a FP for Rivers of Light which I had not seen so we headed that way (still drizzling). It stopped enough for us to use our ponchos for seats as the seating area was soaked (why did I wear a dress tonight I don't even know.). I'm not sure what to say about RoL. It just didn't do much for me. We actually left 5 mins before it was over as it started raining again and we wanted to hopefully catch a bus before everyone else got in line. (No luck.). 30 mins wait for bus and then back to WL, wet and pretty tired but full from a great dinner. PS I don't recommend going barefoot in AK for a couple hours, I had sore feet the next day-but not ruined shoes :) )
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Mon, 2017-09-18 19:07
With FP+ for the Safari at 4:40-5:40, will we have time for this before the first showing of ROL at 6:30? We have the ROL pkg for the first showing. We are supposed to be there 15 min. early. I don't know the distance between the two.
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Irma at WDW Trip Report - The Ugly

Mon, 2017-09-18 14:47
1. The heat and humidity. It was beautiful on Saturday before Irma. But once Irma left, it got up into the 90's each day, with little/no breeze, and it was just sticky. We would get to the park 30 minutes before opening, and by 11, we were worn out. We went back to the hotel for naps, homework, swimming, etc, until the heat broke around 6pm, and then we would head back out. But it was fairly brutal.

2. Flooding and damage along the east coast and the Keys. We were planning to spend two days on the Jacksonville-area beaches, and then spend a day in Savannah, and then Charleston before heading home. All of those areas had power loss, river flooding, etc, so that all of the historic sites we wanted to see were closed. Also, we have never been to south Florida, and had hoped to go see the Everglades, Biscayne, Key West, and Dry Tortugas in March, but after Irma went through, it may be a long time before those areas recover. I feel for those living in the areas that were damaged/devastated by Irma. Our vacation inconveniences are nothing compared to those who lost homes and loved ones in those areas.
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Irma at WDW Trip Report - The Mediocre

Mon, 2017-09-18 14:41
1. We tried some new restaurants this trip - The Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper Canteen, and Olivia's at OKW. Olivia's was good, but we were really disappointed with the Jungle Navigation Co. The food just wasn't that good, and the interactions with the servers was bland. The greeters were funny and what I expected everyone to be like, but besides the server's opening line of, "Have you been here before?" and responding to our "No" with, "Neither have I! We'll do this first time together!", it was the same kind of banter I would get at an Olive Garden. We had the falafel appetizer, the Char Siu Pork, the chicken, the pasta, and the noddle bowl, and no one really liked their dishes. They weren't bad....just mediocre. We expected more.

2. Avatar land - Again, I just expected more. It was smaller than I was expecting, the Navi River Journey was much more tame than I had hoped, and I expected there to be more of the bio-luminescent plants around after dark. They were there, to be sure, but I just expected more. The Navi River journey is cool, and has some great effects, but I find the Living with the Land ride to be more interesting.

That said, anyone who complained that it doesn't belong in Animal Kingdom...well, go see it. It totally fits in that park. In that sense, it was amazing.

Also, the Flight of Passage ride was pretty cool, but it's basically Soarin' 3.0. Our "flight goggles" were really loose and kept threatening to fall off, mid-flight. The scene where the large orange banshee "attacks" you also caused my wife to get really motion-sick. Up until that point, she thought it was awesome.
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Irma at WDW Trip Report - The Good

Mon, 2017-09-18 14:31
Rather than giving a blow-by-blow, day-by-day report, I just want to keep it short and readable. So, I am breaking it up into "The Good", "The Mediocre", and "The Ugly".

We drove down on Friday/Saturday from Virginia, in spite of the forecast and impending threat of Hurricane Irma. More than a few people questioned our sanity or wisdom in doing so. But here was our thinking:

1. We really needed a vacation, and my wife was supposed to be at a conference at the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island (outside of Jacksonville) on Friday/Saturday, the 15th and 16th of September. We had annual passes, and enough DVC points to pay for a room at OKW from Sat - Thursday. So, my wife's work would pay for gas to and from Jacksonville, and two nights at the Ritz-Carlton. DVC points would cover the hotel at Disney, and annual passes get us into the park. So, our only outlay would be the hotel nights on the way down and back, and whatever food/souvenirs we buy. That's a pretty cheap vacation.

2. The hurricane was either going to go up the middle of Florida, weakening considerably, or go up one of the coasts, meaning that Orlando wouldn't get the full fury of the storm. Orlando is not prone to flooding, and is not on a river, nor are they any huge lakes with levy's (think Lake Ponchartrain). Plus, Disney is very well prepared for these kinds of events.

So, we figured if we could get to Orlando, we wouldn't have any problems. We packed extra water and gas, just in case, and headed down.

So, here's "The Good":

1. Traffic! It was amazing (for obvious reasons). Fastest trip down, ever.

2. No lines! The day before the hurricane, and the entire week after, the parks were relatively light. We rarely used our fast passes, and pretty much walked on to everything. The only time we had to wait more than 10 minutes for anything was the Navi River Journey. We waited about 25 minutes for that ride. We even walked up to Be Our Guest on Tuesday to see if we could get in for breakfast, and they let us right in. ADR's were easy to come by, as well.

3. Disney's Hurricane service. They do a good job keeping spirits up at the resorts. They had boxed meals available for very reasonable prices ($6/person) that you could either eat there at the restaurant, or take back to your room. Our A/C was actually out on Saturday evening, and when I called to report it on Sunday morning I totally expected them to say that they didn't have anyone available (thinking that they would all be involved in hurricane prep) and that they would have to move us. But no, they sent engineering right over, and our A/C was restored within 30 minutes. It was awesome. They also had Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale over in the main buildings just wandering around, cheering people up. Go to YouTube and search for "Dale Does Algebra".
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Disney springs

Mon, 2017-09-18 05:24
Is more than one location at disney springs to be picked up by the resort buses.

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Mon, 2017-09-18 02:55
Is there a place to meet Ursula? I thought maybe at the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, but I can't find a complete list. They all just say blah, blah, blah and "more".
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"Go see Animal Kingdom at Night"

Mon, 2017-09-18 00:34
In May, when exactly would it be dark enough to get that Pandora experience? We are doing two part days at AK - one early and one later. on our later one we are eating at Cape May at the Beach Club. I'm not sure how late AK stays open - should we be staying at AK and then doing dinner (which would certainly be easier, but when does it get dark?) or planning to do dinner and come BACK?
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Coco Sneak Peek Set for Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sun, 2017-09-17 23:33
Disney's Hollywood Studios has announced a sneak peek for the Disney-Pixar Feature Film Coco to begin November 3, 2017:

Quote: Originally Posted by Disney Parks & Resorts
At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the preview of “Coco” will be presented as part of the Walt Disney Presents attraction, where the sneak peek will be accompanied by a display about the production of the film.
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Halloween Treats for the 2017 Halloweentime Season at The Disneyland Resort

Sun, 2017-09-17 23:24
The Disneyland Resort has announced a Spooktaular line-up of Halloween Treats for the 2017 Halloweentime Season:

Quote: Originally Posted by Disney Parks & Resorts
Disneyland Park

Jolly Holiday Bakery Café

Mickey-Shaped Mummy Macaron – A white chocolate macaron with white chocolate drizzle and chocolate-salted caramel filling

Stage Door Café

Campfire S’Mores Funnel Cake with chocolate-chile ganache and toasted marshmallow sauce, garnished with graham cracker crumbs and crushed peanut butter candy

French Market Restaurant

Oogie Boogie dessert – A dark chocolate cup filled with layers of dark chocolate mousse, green pound cake and chocolate cookie crumbles with gummy worms

Mint Julep Bar

Dreamsicle Beignets

Disney California Adventure Park

Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café

Sleepy Hollow Cupcake

Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream

Bat Wing Raspberry Sundae -White chocolate-raspberry swirl ice cream with raspberry splatter, blood-red sprinkles, whipped cream and Bat Wing cookie

Spider Silk Ice Cream Sandwich – A black macaron with charcoal-tart cherry spun ice cream topped with popping candy and raspberry sauce

Carthay Circle Restaurant and Carthay Lounge

Poison Apple-Tini – Crown Royal Apple, Dekuyper and cranberry juice with Green Poison Apple glow cube

Cove Bar

“Ghost”-ly Pepper Nachos – Ghost pepper-marinated flank steak with green tortilla chips, topped with ghost pepper cheese sauce, black beans and avocado-tomatillo salsa


Monstermallow Donut – Flaky donut with marshmallow filling

Mummy Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich – Almond macaron shell with dark chocolate “eyes” drizzled with white chocolate and filled with rainbow sherbet

Caramel Apple Smoothie – Fresh apple, caramel and ice cream

Flo’s V-8 Café

Car-achnid Pot Pie – Chicken pot pie with dried cranberries and butter-crust spider
Grape “Ghoul”-ant Shake
Mini Candy Cone Pie – A cream pie with vanilla, butterscotch and white chocolate pudding

Fillmore’s Taste-In

Vampire Mater Bread

Cozy Cone Motel

Slow Burnin’ Mac & Cheese Cone – Fresh-cooked pasta with spicy red pepper cheese sauce topped with crushed chile-cheese puffs, served in a Black Cauldron Cone

Spoke-y Cone Macaron filled with marshmallow buttercream and candy corn
Junkyard JamBOOree Mix – Choice of flavored popcorn with optional “nuts and bolts” (e.g., green M&M’s, candy corn, chocolate-covered pretzels, Boston baked beans, etc.) These treats are available now through October 31, 2017. Attached Images      
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The Ganachery Unveils New Treats for Autumn 2017

Sun, 2017-09-17 22:16
From September 29 through October 31, 2017; The Ganachery at Disney Springs will feature fanciful Fall treats:

Quote: Originally Posted by Disney Parks & Resorts

... First off is a sandwich-inspired PB&J S’more! This back-to-school treat features house-made graham crackers smothered in peanut butter ganache, topped with raspberry jelly, and finished off with a vanilla bean marshmallow that is roasted to order.

For those who want to skip the graham crackers and get straight to the fluff, try a Madagascan vanilla bean marshmallow. This bite-sized sweet is dipped in creamy milk chocolate and garnished with a dash of crispies to add that extra ‘crunch.’

...This year, the chocolatiers at The Ganachery have created several new fall-inspired recipes, starting with a tasty take on a traditional drink–hot cocoa. This classic sipping chocolate is topped with vanilla bean whipped cream and dark chocolate crispy pearls. For the adults, this drink is also offered with a dash of Bailey’s liqueur to add that extra warmth!

In addition, you’ll also find pumpkin spice latte-flavored and maple pecan-flavored chocolate ganache squares. These squares are decorated with fall and Halloween-themed designs that add a spooky flair to your tasty experience.

Lastly, these spine-chilling skeleton skulls are just the thing to get you in the Halloween spirit! These decadent dark chocolate skulls come in two sizes. The smaller bite-sized chocolate skull is filled with salted caramel ganache, while the larger skull is served hollow. Both skulls are made with 65% dark chocolate and brushed with bronze deco powder.
Attached Images      
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Touring Plans App

Sun, 2017-09-17 18:56
A friend recommend thst I purchase the Touring Plans app to help with reservations and fast passes. Is it just me or is it very difficult to navigate? I have gotten some responses for dining reservations but unfortunately, not when we can make them? Is it supposed to help you find fast passes also? What am I doing wrong?
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magic band and magic express question.

Sun, 2017-09-17 18:50
My family usually stays at SOG and drives for our Disney World vacations. DD16 and I decided to take a quick trip for MNSSHP. Have never used magic bands or magic express before. How far ahead of trip can I expect to recieve our ands and luggage tags? We aare so execited to expreience these Disney perks.
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MNSSHP Entry Time

Sun, 2017-09-17 14:42
Just checking for this year- are they still letting people with MNSSHP tix in at 4:00?
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MNSSHP Entry Time

Sun, 2017-09-17 14:42
Just checking for this year- are they still letting people with MNSSHP tix in at 4:00?
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Safari at Night

Sun, 2017-09-17 12:26
This will be our first trip to WDW with AK being open at night (normally closed at 5-6 pm the time of year we go). I'd like to get some opinions on the safari at night vs the normal day time version we are used to. Is it worth waiting to go on it at night? We'll get a fast pass for this - so just wondering what time to get it for.

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Safari at Night

Sun, 2017-09-17 12:26
This will be our first trip to WDW with AK being open at night (normally closed at 5-6 pm the time of year we go). I'd like to get some opinions on the safari at night vs the normal day time version we are used to. Is it worth waiting to go on it at night? We'll get a fast pass for this - so just wondering what time to get it for.

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AK Nighttime Show

Sat, 2017-09-16 15:44
How is the AK Nighttime show? Didn't do this past trip but might do an evening at AK next year. Thanks.
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