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Dreams Unlimited Travel Show – 04/09/18

disunplugged.com - Mon, 2018-04-09 08:00
In this episode, the panel discusses staying at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando with a dog! Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page. Podcasts #097 – Traveling to Walt Disney World and Universal with Pets:[Download Mp3] Show Notes: To book a vacation with Tracey Heinrichs, click here! To book an Adventures by Disney [...]
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Park hours for November

intercot.com - Mon, 2018-04-09 05:26
Any idea of when the park hours for November will be out? We can make ADRs starting May 1st and I like to plan which parks on which days based on park hours. Dining planning is affected by this as well so I’m hoping they are out soon.

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Downtown Disney preparing to close several businesses to build new hotel

TheDisneyBlog.com - Mon, 2018-04-09 03:09

Disneyland’s decision to move their new luxury hotel from the parking lot next door to Downtown Disney to right on top of it, will result in a number of popular locations at Disneyland’s outdoor mall to close. Among the locations that will close shortly are ESPN Zone, AMC Downtown Disney...

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Solo: A Star Wars Story official trailer explodes onto the internet

TheDisneyBlog.com - Mon, 2018-04-09 02:24

Were you watching American Idol tonight? If not, you missed the exciting new extended trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The stand-alone Star Wars film will explore the origins of Han Solo and how he grew into the scoundrel, smuggler, and scruffy nerfherder we come to know and love...

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Muppets in Magic Kingdom

intercot.com - Sun, 2018-04-08 02:13
Ok, I've been to WDW sooooo many times but have NEVER seen something I just read about. There are Muppets in 3 windows I believe in Liberty Square around Hall of Presidents? Can someone please tell me where, exactly, this is and when they perform?

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I may need an intervention for my packing - and an actual question

intercot.com - Sun, 2018-04-08 01:01
We leave on May 12th, and I have my suitcase all packed! Except that I keep adding and changing my mind about stuff. But I feel VERY well prepared - I've got three pairs of shoes, lots of expensive hiking socks, and 40 cubic yards of moleskin and blister bandages. I have collapsible water bottles, a bunch of zip lock bags for keeping things dry, my own laundry soap. An extension cord to make it easy to plug things in where we want, and my husbands C-pap machine so I don't smother him with a pillow. I have over the counter medications for EVERYTHING....as I proudly and (loudly) announced to my daughter in the drug store.."From headaches to diarrhea, I've got it all!" (not sure why those people in line all backed away....extras of toiletries I meet need. I discovered packing cubes this year and I love 'em - AND I have each day's individual outfit all together in a ziplock of its own.

Now, I do want to take a few snacks, mainly for the teenage daughter - some granola bars, fruit leathers and trail mix. My question is what to do about that horrible Florida water. I want to avoid buying expensive pop or water in the parks - hence the collapsible water bottles I mentioned above. What can I put in the tap water to make it palatable - we usually take Crystal Light but that's not super convenient - do those "Mio" or similar water flavouring drops work? And is it TRUE that carts will give you free ice water (I think I'd still feel embarrassed to ask if I wasn't buying anything else). AND wondering if the carts at Universal do the same?
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When to book fast passes

intercot.com - Sat, 2018-04-07 21:05
I am in Washington. We check in to Disney World June 10. What date and time do I book my fast passes?
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Marvel Studios Retrospective — Captain America: Civil War

TheDisneyBlog.com - Sat, 2018-04-07 18:28

Civil War may officially be a Captain America film but it could also be called Avengers 2.5. As our next Marvel Cinematic Universe retrospective series we look at how Captain America: Civil War is a culmination of many of the non-Infinity Stone threads that were woven throughout various Marvel movies...

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Changing resorts mid-stay question?

intercot.com - Sat, 2018-04-07 17:11
Hi All! If we were to change resorts mid-stay, will Disney transfer our luggage or is that something we will need to handle?

Thanks in advance -
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The Wave

intercot.com - Sat, 2018-04-07 03:47
Has anyone tried The Wave?? Saw a video/review on it tonight and the couple loved it but from what I could tell the portions were very small.
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Disney teases giant AMP suit from Avatar coming to Pandora

TheDisneyBlog.com - Sat, 2018-04-07 02:36

We may not get 7 foot tall blue people (aka the Na’vi), but Disney is ready to introduce a giant walking mechanical AMP suit to Pandora – The World of Avatar. At this point there’s not much more than a teaser video and an image, but we’re told that is...

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Baltimore Ravens QB Robert Griffin III and Olympian Justin Gatlin spotted at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

TheDisneyBlog.com - Sat, 2018-04-07 01:49

Olympic track star Justin Gatlin (left above) and NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III, who are both currently focused on resurrecting their professional careers, are at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex this week doing some training. That’s fitting when you consider that both are trying to make magic at the...

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Disney Magic Kingdom App

intercot.com - Sat, 2018-04-07 00:22
I believe I’ve talked about this app on here before. I love it! Am I the only one obsessed with it? The next batch of characters to be released for it will be LILO and Stitch! My big question with the game though is why doesn’t Donald Duck play a bigger role in the game?? He seems to be forgotten about. Just my two cents!

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Pixar Fest to Feature AP Exclusive Refilleable Popcorn Bucket

intercot.com - Fri, 2018-04-06 23:38
Disneyland Cast have reported that a "Little Green Man" refillable popcorn bucket will be offered exclusively to Annual Passholders from April 24th - May 24th, 2018 as part of Pixar Fest.

The buckets will reportedly be priced at $20 and sold at select popcorn locations through-out Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure.

$1 Refills of the bucket will reportedly be valid through June 21, 2018.

The bucket is expected to be the same or similar to the Little Green Man bucket popular at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort (shown below):

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Scary Apothecary & Sweet Spells to Close at Disney's Hollywood Studios

intercot.com - Fri, 2018-04-06 23:29
Disney's Hollywood Studios has internally announced that Scary Apothecary & Sweet Spells dining/dining retail locations will close on April 16, 2018.

The kitchen and counter service area will be removed and the location will reportedly be transformed into the park's flagship Pixar Retail Store.

Fresh-Made Signature Treats found at Sweet Spells are currently planned to be moved to the adjacent The Trolley Car Café. A smaller selection of pre-packaged food items are currently planned to be offered in the new Pixar Retail Store.

The connected Reel Vogue store (formerly Villains in Vogue) has been announced to remain open and unaffected by these renovations. It is not yet clear if the merchandise in Reel Vogue will remain or if too will become part of the Pixar location.
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"AMP" Suit Streetmosphere To Debut as Part of Animal Kingdom's 20th Anniversary

intercot.com - Fri, 2018-04-06 23:14
Disney's Animal Kingdom has released a teaser video of a streetmosphere character in an Amplified Mobility Platform (or "AMP") suit to debut in Pandora--The World of Avatar on April 22, 2018 as part of the park's 20th Anniversary Celebration:

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Sunscreen on a May trip?

intercot.com - Fri, 2018-04-06 16:25
What's the Orlando sun like in May? I need to be prepared for what kind of sunscreen and how much - I HATE the stuff, but I'm Scots-Irish so my family says I'm so white I glow in the dark. I freckle like crazy and have never had a tan in my life. We went to Mexico in March of last year and I found I had to slather it on and repeat frequently. Similar for Florida, I'm guessing? (I've been in September - is it like that? Mostly we've gone in December and only ever hit a day or two that needed it).
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What are you watching?

intercot.com - Fri, 2018-04-06 13:31
Just checking in here with a few viewing suggestions...

We recently finally watched "The Guest Book" which we had all 10 episodes on our DVR, really cute by the creator of Raising Hope and My Name is Earl. I don't know if I would recommend it to my mom ha ha but we loved it. Cute, short, it's been renewed for Season 2. Can binge watch on TBS.com or the TBS app I think.

We are in the middle of Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet. Silly gore but after watching all of Justified between Seasons 1 and 2 of this show it's hilarious to see "Deputy Raylan Givens" in this totally different role. Netflix. (Justified is good if you haven't seen it.)

Just started "The Trust" on FX, a slightly modified take on the Getty saga which just had a movie made about it. Donald Sutherland is a VERY creepy grandpa and the "Fixer" role is great. Two episodes have aired and they are available on demand to catch up on.

We also just started "Billions" on Showtime Anytime, only a couple episodes in and might be too slow for hubby but I'm enjoying it. Pretty twisted.

I'm still laid up a bit from ankle surgery so welcome any suggestions :) Can also recommend I, Tonya, and Three Billboards for Redbox rentals.
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Fashion icons celebrate the Incredibles’ Edna Mode

TheDisneyBlog.com - Fri, 2018-04-06 11:40

Today’s fashion icons celebrate the Incredibles’ Edna Mode in a fun new promotional video from Pixar. The character of Edna Mode was created and voiced by director Brad Bird in the first Incredibles movie and will return as part of its much anticipated sequel “Incredibles 2.” She’s an icon. Artist,...

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Disneyland Paris adds The Lion King musical stage show

TheDisneyBlog.com - Fri, 2018-04-06 11:32

With songs and characters that are instantly recognizable, The Lion King has become the most successful franchise in the world. A brand new musical stage show is coming to Disneyland Paris in 2019. From Broadway to Disney’s theme park guests are entertained on a daily basis by favorite characters such...

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