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Those of us who worked for Disney, especially its Theme Parks, Resorts and Disney Stores, have long been asking one question whenever Cast Member get together, "You remember the kid who worked with us that summer? I wonder what happened to them...?"

Join The community by clicking here Since July 17th 1955 when Walt Disney opened his first Theme Park in Anaheim, the magic that started with that Mouse has been kept alive by generations of Cast Members.

This site is a community for those same Cast Members to get together and find old friends once more and maybe make new ones.

Update Coming +  

Dear fellow Cast Members – as you may have seen After the Mouse dot com has been a little buggy of late – well, I am working on ironing out the bumps and working on version 3 of the site.

After the Mouse has been serving Cast Member communities since the late 1990s and has reunited hundreds of long lost colleagues and we’ll continue to do so!

In the coming weeks we’ll be asking volunteers to test and ‘soft open’ the new site, if you’d like to help out with the testing, drop me a line and I’ll add you to the list.

Again, thank you for your support - Have a Disney day!

Tim Jennings

Pirates - The making of Pt 2 +  

And now for part two - thanks to Boing Boing for the heads up!

Pirates - The making of Pt 1 +  

Here's a mini-doc on the creation of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, the last ride that Walt Disney supervised to completion. Pirates, like the Haunted Mansion, was originally intended as a walk-through museum of old-timey stuff, but the advent of robotic props ("audio-animatronics," whose R&D was funded commissions for the NY World's Fair in 1964) was a breakthrough that changed the way Disney's designers thought about ride possibilities.

Beverly Butrum 1924 - 2013 +  

Sad news today from Kraig Butrum.

Beverly Butrum, a legendary Disneyland hostess for nearly four decades, has passed away peacefully with her family at her bedside, in Austin, Texas.

First visit to Disneyland CA +  

Dear all, In early September - :: UPDATE :: On Labor Day my wife and I will be visiting the original Disneyland in California!

If you'll be in the area we'd love to see you - when I have an exact date and time, I'll post it here.

On the same trip we'll try to take in the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, so it looks like it will be a great trip!

Sad news for EuroDisney Opening Crew. +  

Irishman Tom Walsh, 43, the manager of the popular Mainstreet Grill in the small city of DeLand, Florida was shot during a suspected robbery on Saturday night.

Read more:

Just Days before the EuroDisney Cast Member reunion for the resorts 20th anniversary we all had some really sad news - one of our number Tom Walsh had been murdered in Florida.

Suggested Agenda for April 12th – Cast Member Reunion. +  

Suggested Agenda for April 12th – Cast Member Reunion.

Knowing that Everyone has their own agenda, you’ll all be arriving from different places, arriving at different times I suggest the following time table. I think we’ll have a few rendezvous throughout the day where you can meet up with the group as you arrive and two main meetings, one at the beginning and end of the day…

10.00 – RDV – Outside the Wild West Show / Gaumont Cinema in the Disney Village (Festival Disney)

12.00 – RDV – The Band Stand, opposite City Hall. (Magic Kingdom)

Minimalist Pixar Posters +  

Change in registration. +  

Sadly, as of today I am having to start manualy authorising members to the site - it is due to the large amount of un-Disney spamming that has been going on this last month.

I apologise for any problems this may cause, though I am sure you'll understand my position.

Many thanks.

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